Welcome to my language documentation website!

Here you can read The Lang Dock / DocuLeng and find information about Sign Language Orthography Builder (SiLOrB).

(Versión en español aquí.)

The Lang Dock is my blog, which aims to educate people about language documentation and combat some of the negative attitudes toward linguistic variation. It is also a place for fun or puzzling observations about languages and friendly open discussion. I invite linguists and non-linguists, polyglots and monolinguals, signers and speakers alike. (The Spanish version, DocuLeng, is published concurrently.)

SiLOrB is a system I am creating for the transcription and writing of signed languages. It is being developed in collaboration with Dif0s (Signotate) software that will use the transcription system and symbology described here to create orthographic representations of signs and signed texts which include standardized and searchable phonetic components.