Sign Language Orthography Builder

(Disculpa; en este momento trabajo en traduzir la información sobre SiLOrB al español.)

This site describes SiLOrB [ˈsɑɪ-lɔɹb], a transcription and writing system developed by Brenda Clark to be used in the documentation and description of signed languages.

SiLOrB aims to be inclusive, visually transparent, and adaptable. Symbols representing hands, movements, and other aspects of signs appear in a grid format (see basic structure) to create a ‘signer’ facing the reader. A transcription system corresponds to coding for the software application Dif0s, which combines the symbols shown here into full signs and texts.

The SiLOrB presented here is an initial version, to be improved by input from those who may find it useful. Feel free to explore using the menu to the right, and contact me with comments, questions, or suggestions.