Symbols for Location

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The following symbols are used to represent the location at which a sign is performed on or relative to the signer’s body. Locations symbols for signs with a general location (e.g. somewhere in zero space; near the head) appear as in the first two tables. Facial features are shown here on the dominant side only and in a neutral position (see non-manuals), but they can be specified for side and position. For locations with a specified proximity, the appropriate symbol is placed on a specific point on the images below. (For signs with a non-dominant hand location, the proximity symbol is placed on the hand with no separate location symbol.)

General Locations: Head and Torso

location basic chart2

General Locations: Others

location other chart2


location prox chart2

Specific Locations: Head

head graph2

Specific Locations: Neck and Shoulders

shoulder graph2

Specific Locations: Torso (Zero Space)

torso graph2