A grammatical sketch of Sivia Sign Language

Video Examples (ch. 8)

The following are video clips referenced in A grammatical sketch of Sivia Sign Language. This page is for Chapter 8 (Morphology). For other examples, see Chapters 4 (Methodology) and 5 (Phonetics)Chapter 6 (Phonology), Chapter 9 (Morpho-syntax), and Chapter 10 (Syntax).

Classifier tests
cups (CYL) falling off a shelf

oranges (SMRO) falling off a table

a bottle (BOCA) falling over

drop a cup (CYL)

drop a bottle (BOCA)

drop a vase (BIRO/BOCA)

push a coconut (BIRO) until it rolls away

push a water pipe (LORO) until it rolls away

a ball (SMRO/BIRO) winds away

throw a book (FLAT)

throw away a bag of trash (BIRO)

Animal descriptions using meaningful shapes and size morphology

bear (HRN5, CLAW, FTSP, FIST, intense, CYL, EAR)

kangaroo (HRN5, FOOT, FIST, smallNM)

scorpion (HOOK)

hippopotamus (bigNM, smallNM, SMRO, CLAW, HOOK, JAW, LORO)

gazelle (LORO, LOTH, intense, FTSP, FLAT, HOLD)

Handling clothing (HNDL)

Table 116. degrees of tapering in stack

Example 50. wide eyes

Viewing a bird through a telescope

Table 128. Modifications of non-manual walk/march.
march with a gun

walk with swinging arms

walk holding a balloon

walk and carry over the shoulder

Table 137. Signs with multiple Spanish-language equivalents
small round food: orange (naranja)

small round food: tomato (tomate)

small round food: apple (manzana)

tiny piece: coffee (cafe)

tiny piece: rice (arroz)

male/person: father (papa)

male/person: unspecified

relation: friend (amigo)

relation: sibling (hermano)

walk punctuated with go for finality

Example 75. aspect marking