A grammatical sketch of Sivia Sign Language

Video examples (ch. 4 & 5)

The following are video clips referenced in A grammatical sketch of Sivia Sign Language. This page is for Chapters 4 (Methodology) and 5 (Phonetics). For other examples, see Chapter 6 (Phonology)Chapter 8 (Morphology), Chapter 9 (Morpho-syntax), and Chapter 10 (Syntax).

Chapter 4

Table 2. before

Chapter 5

Table 18. Directional movement
forward and bodyward (harvest coca)

upward and downward (less and more)

inward (belt)

outward (table)

rightward and leftward (graduation)

Table 19. Types of Movement
alternate (cook)

arc (vase)

bounce (put books on a shelf)

circle (bicycle)

repeat (heart of palm)

spiral (roll away)

wiggle (go off into the distance)

zigzag (draw)

Table 20. Other movement features

contact (plug in)

tap (bread)

shake (coconut)

wiggle fingers (type)

Table 21. Movements that change handshape and orientation
bend (camera)

bend wrist (give me)

taper (hop)

close (grab)

open (delicious)

rotate (not there)

spread/unspread (crab)

Table 26. Additional non-manuals
head movement (root around)

torso movement (sit)

elbow movement (chicken

knee movement (march with a gun)

foot movement (kick a ball)

Fingerspelling and writing
non-fluent fingerspelling of “Peru” and “Sivia”

clarifying “100” on the palm